It'll Be Hard Not To Cry
Debra Shepherd / Quint Shepherd Music BMI

They say they’ll be no tears in heaven and I, I can understand
For the things that make us cry won’t be found in that land
They’ll be no pain or sorrow we’ll never be sad again
It’s a place of peace and rest and the joys we’ll never end

It’ll be hard not to cry when we finally step inside
And see our loved ones there-It’s been so long
And when I walk up to His throne and feel a joy I’ve never known
It’ll be hard so very hard not to cry

I guess you could say I’m emotional- cryin’s always been easy for me
Whether because my heart was heavy or my joys ecstatically
So I’m afraid that when I get there and realize my race is through
It’ll be hard to hold the tears back when it all comes into view



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