1. On My Way To A Miracle
2. On My Knees
3. Move Oh Mountain
4. He's A Way Out
5. A Black Heart
6. Let Your Praise Fight Your Battle
7. God Never Fails
8. Psalm 27:1
9. For My Good
10. I Am Here
11. I Have Decided

The Shepherds / Reality
1. There's A Miracle In The Making
2. God Has Not Forgotten You
3. Always There For Me
4. I'm Looking For A Miracle
5. When I Pray
6. In His Hands
7. I Need A Miracle
8. I'll Make It A Matter Of Prayer
9. There's Still Time For A Miracle
10. On My Way To A Miracle

The Shepherds / Miracles

1. I'll Get To See What John Saw
2. God Will Never Run Out Of Blessings
3. A Black Heart
4. I Will
5. In His Hands
6. Movin' On Up
7. I Have No Intentions
8. Mama's Prayers
9. The Last Days
10.I Want To Be A Witness
The Shepherds / Blessings
1. Say The Word
2. It'll Be Hard Not To Cry
3. The Sooner The Better
4. Always There For Me
5. Let God Be God
6. Give Me The Trumpet
7. The Good News Is
8. This Heavenly Highway
9. There's Still Time For A Miracle
10. Fill Me With Your Spirit
The Shepherds / Pure Ministry
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