Quint Shepherd / Don't Let Go Of Your Dream - CD Set

Quint Shepherd / Live Camp Meeting Sermons - CD Set

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Add To Cart - $10

Debra Shepherd / Shh...Taming The Tongue - CD Set

Words affect us everyday. They're like a hammer - they can build or tear down. Whether it be a compliment that makes us gleam, or an unkind or rude word which can hang over us like a dark cloud.

Becoming more concious of our words can improve our relationships and therefore bring more peace into or lives...

Remember somtimes its just better to say - Shhh....

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We all have Dreams in life. Your Dream your dream could be the Salvation of a family member, healing for your body, a financial break through, something in your business or ministry, or your dream may be something you haven't told anyone.

Make sure your Dream is in line with God's word - Fight For It - Go After It - Persue It - & Don't Let Go of Your Dream.....!

Feel the Power of God as You Listen to these Dynamic sermons by Quint Shepherd recorded Live in Camp Meeting services...

Quint Shepherd / Don't Give Up - Single Sermon

The World will tell you how it can't happen, but God's word shows us that he is a God that can perform the impossible. As you listen to this sermon by Quint Shepherd. Let it build your Faith to understand that God is a God of Miracles and nothing is impossible with him... Don't Give Up...!

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Hope, Healing, & Miracles Scriptures CD/

Be encouraged as you listen to this Scripture CD read by Quint Shepherd. This CD was created reading scriptures directly from God's Word for those who are in need of Hope, Healing, or Miracles...

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