In His Hands
Debra Shepherd / Quint Shepherd Music BMI

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed-by the onset of trials
And when the load that I’ve carried- it seems I’ve carried it for miles
That’s when I stop and realize- that in my strength alone I cannot stand
Then I know the time has come- when I must put it in God’s hands

In his hands-the mountain looks much smaller
In his hands-the valley’s not so low
And when I’ve carried the burden- as far as I can
Help me remember-Lord I can put it in your hands

I read once where this mighty hand-parted a sea
And when God’s children were safe across-he turned and drowned their enemy
So when the water’s rising-and the river is much too wide to span
Then I fall down on my knees-that’s where I put it in his hands


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