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May, 2015

Dear Friends:
I am writing today to speak to you from my heart about the condition of our country. We are moving at a very rapid rate in the wrong direction and have been for a while. Terrorism is on the rise. Radical Islam is on the rise. The atheist agenda remains at a
constant pace to take God out of our nation, and sexual perversion is being promoted in every entertainment outlet like never before.

The majority of politicians are consumed with trying to remain politically correct; so much so that there is hardly any way do get things done in Washington to get our country moving in the right direction. Many in the church world today are trying to be religiously correct instead of Biblically correct. It seems as if everyone is more concerned about offending someone else other than offending God.

One of our politicians, who is recognized nationally as a conservative republican, recently invited a guest to the White House to open up a session in prayer. He prayed to another god than our God Jehovah. Our nation was founded on biblical principles and our nation’s founders served and prayed to Jesus Christ. I never dreamed we would honor another god in America but it happened and it happened in our nation’s capitol. As we all know, the atheists are continually trying to take God out of all parts of our country. Recently on the news, I saw where a judge in the state of Florida ruled that it was acceptable for the atheist to put their propaganda in the public school system by way of a coloring book. I am outraged! Christians would never be allowed to inject anything to do with our religion into a public school classroom, but the atheists can?!

The atheists are pushing to take “In God We Trust,” our motto, off of our currency, out ofour pledge, and out of our nation completely.

I was recently watching Bill O’Reilly on Fox News and according to one of the national polls only 8%-10% of people identify themselves as humanists, atheists, etc. The other 90% of people in our nation state that they are Christians, or believe in God. It’s the small 10% of people that are causing the uproar about God remaining in this country. O’Reilly then began to ask why aren’t the Christian leaders of our day standing up and speaking out. He said they need to stand up. I said Amen.

We must stand up together now and KEEP GOD IN AMERICA!

The Lord spoke to me about using our platform to do something. So many people ask “why isn’t somebody doing something?” We have to realize that we are that somebody. I then prayed and asked God what we could do specifically to get others involved. I know he dropped what I am about to share with you in my spirit.

As most of you know we travel on a 45 foot tour bus. You have seen city buses, vans, and tour coaches before with advertisements plastered on them. It came to me that we could wrap our bus with a giant advertisement that says KEEP GOD IN AMERICA. This would be a rolling billboard that would be seen by millions on a weekly basis. We are planning to wrap both sides, as well as the back, with this slogan.

Imagine this bus traveling down interstates, through major cities, vacation spots, rural communities, etc. with the message, KEEP GOD IN AMERICA, for all to see. Wow! What a statement this will make. We are also planning a designated spot on the wrap that states “We are asking our leaders to KEEP GOD IN AMERICA.

Along with this bus wrap we will be planning KEEP GOD IN AMERICA rallies. Incorporated in these rallies we will be singing, and I will be sharing a special message about keeping God in America. We will have special guests such as politicians, major business men, and other influential people who share our vision to KEEP GOD IN AMERICA. Not only will we be sharing our vision but we will be educating people how they can help to KEEP GOD IN AMERICA. We are asking you to be a part of this. Of course it will take finances to cover the cost of the wrap and rallies. We want you to pray about sponsoring this crucial mission to KEEP GOD IN AMERICA. WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!!

Any gift you can give would be greatly appreciated. But those of you that choose to sponsor this campaign with a gift of $100 or more will have the option to have your name printed on the side of the bus wrap. Many others have already given and have shared with us how excited they are that someone is taking a stand. Some of these sponsors have felt the urgency within themselves to do something and haven’t known what to do, or the outlet with which to do it. But now we are joining our voices together so that people will know that WE WANT TO KEEP GOD IN AMERICA!

I have shown above a picture of what the bus will look like with the Keep God in America wrap. We want you to get a visual of our plan so that you can share in our vision. I have also enclosed some interesting historical facts about our nation’s motto In God We Trust.

I trust you have heard my heart in this letter and that you will prayerfully consider joining with us to KEEP GOD IN AMERICA.

Quint & Debra Shepherd
The Shepherds Ministry
To make a credit/debit card donation over the phone — please call our office at (478) 552-0339
We ask that there be a limit of two names or family surname per $100 sponsorship.

For example:
-Quint & Debra Shepherd
-The Shepherds
You can also include a business or church name. For example:
-Joe’s Bakery-New Life Fellowship Church
**You can do first names only if you prefer.

The Shepherds PO Box 227, Sandersville, GA 31082
(478) 552-0339


Donate $50.00
Donate $100.00 (receive name on Bus wrap)
Donate $25.00